Opening Weekend

Lyndon opened this weekend for the first time after the winter break, and it was great to welcome visitors back through the doors. The osprey aren’t due to return for another couple of weeks, but those of you who keep an eye on the osprey webcam will know that we haven’t been watching an empty nest.

On Friday night a cormorant could be seen roosting on an outer branch of the nest. The bird remained at the nest for most of the weekend, drying it’s wings and preening.

We also have had occasional visits from the Egyptian Geese. They seem to be eyeing the nest up and as you can see, they have created a hollow to the left hand side. Let’s hope our ospreys are successful in chasing them off on their return!

We also have exciting news from Senegal – 30(05) is on the move! She set of in the morning on March 11th, and by 7pm the same day she had already traveled over 135 miles, reaching Mauritania.

30 11th March

30(05) seems to be following the coast this year, quite different from her 2016 migration route. This will hopefully be a safer route for her, as she should never be too far from food should she need it.

30(05)'s 2016 migration route

30(05)’s 2016 migration route (solid red line), compared to her progress so far

We can see from the map that 30(05) has flown over Grand Lac in Djoudj National Park, an enormous lake home to hundreds of thousands of waterfowl.

30(05)'s route over Grand Lac in Djoudj National Park

30(05)’s route over Grand Lac in Djoudj National Park

Our Field Officer John Wright visited Grand Lac in December. John reported than whenever an osprey flew over the lake, hundreds of thousands of waterfowl would be flushed into the air, which is illustrated in the incredible photos John captured below. We can imagine that 30(05) will have seen similar sights on her migration over the lake, albeit from an aerial viewpoint!

Grand Lac, Djoudj National Park (Photo J.Wright)

Grand Lac, Djoudj National Park (Photo J.Wright)


Grand Lac, Djoudj National Park (Photo J.Wright)

Grand Lac, Djoudj National Park (Photo J.Wright)

Grand Lac, Djoudj National Park (Photo J.Wright)

Grand Lac, Djoudj National Park (Photo J.Wright)

In the photos we can see greater and lesser flamingos, white pelicans, white-faced whistling ducks, garganey and pintail. It is a real treat to see these images and visualise where 30(05) has been. Thank you John!

We will next get an update on 30(05)’s location in a couple of days, and can’t wait to see how she has progressed.


8 responses to “Opening Weekend”

  1. Suzie

    Stay safe 30 … and all our amazing birds as they speed homewards!
    Kayleigh am I right in thinking that S 1 2 and the totally beguiling 3 could possibly visit Rutland Water later this year?

    1. Kayleigh Brookes

      Yes they could well return this year!

  2. Sheila FE

    Thank you Kayleigh, great to know she started her northward migration once more. May it be a safe one, and that she has another successful year with her new mate.

  3. Suzie

    Oops! Just noticed that Holly Kayleigh did not write this piece … Welcome Holly!

    1. Holly Hucknall

      Thanks Suzie :)!

  4. David Crossland

    It’s fantastic being able to look on your site and follow the progress of her flight back to Manton.I am looking forward to seeing one of your Ospreys hunting at Belvoir Castle lakes again this year. We are lucky to have a regular visitor each year.

  5. Joshua Underwood


    We were really hoping to follow 30s progress on Google Earth so we can watch out for her when she flies over 😉 but the KML link ( ) doesn’t appear to be available at the moment. Is there a KML file we can connect to?

    Many thanks.

    1. Kayleigh Brookes

      I’m afraid the link is not working currently, we are working on it! In the meantime we will keep the website updated with news.