Osprey Ambassador Warm-ups.. just WOW!

The seasons may not feel like they’re changing just yet, what with threats of Storm Gareth (doesn’t sound too intimidating) due to hit this week and the sprinkles of snow we had at the weekend… but one part of our reserve was feeling positively toasty from the warm-up Osprey Ambassador meeting ahead of Wild Osprey (WOW) Week! Hearing from our Education Officer team Jackie Murray, Pete Murray and Ken Davies:

“On Sunday thirty young Osprey Ambassadors from fourteen local schools had their first meeting of 2019 at the Volunteer Training Centre. This is the fifth year of Osprey Ambassadors, and these young people have the important role of being the link between the Rutland Osprey project and their school. Ken Davies welcomed returning Ambassadors, and many new ones and thanked the twenty or so parents and family members for bringing them to this event.

Their first challenge was to work out the route the ospreys take when they return from West Africa to Rutland on their 3000 mile migration later this month.

A brief presentation showed our young Ambassadors how the ospreys over winter in Africa and how we recognise and track the Rutland ospreys on this challenging journey.

We celebrate when the birds return in schools during World Osprey Week (or WOW! for short).This year it takes place from 18th -22 March. Ambassadors were given a memory stick and script with a WOW presentation to give to their class or whole school. This contained the latest news, how to follow the osprey journey using the tracking page on the website, and the osprey activities they can do in school.

The next activity was Jackie Murray’s “Feather challenge”. Four teams of Ambassadors were given six feathers and had to work out which bird the feather had come from!

Liz Elsden then produced a magnificent “osprey themed” spread of cakes and drinks for the Ambassadors .…. and only the crumbs remained.

Ken did an informal bird watching session for all from the upstairs room overlooking Lagoon 4 to finish the day. A lovely if windswept landscape today, but with beautiful light and plenty of bird activity both on the water and along the shore line.

We look forward to seeing the Osprey Ambassadors at our monthly meetings at the Lyndon Nature Reserve from April to September. We will of course meet many when we visit their schools for assemblies or educational workshops in the coming weeks, or later in the season when they have a class visit to see the Rutland ospreys at the reserve.

We really appreciate the interest and enthusiasm of our Ambassadors and the support of their parents in helping them to be a part of this exciting project. 2019 will be the year of the 150th osprey chick to be raised at Rutland Water so watch this space….”

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    Thank you Marie and thanks to all involved.