Osprey Big Brother

The sun is illuminating the mirror-calm waters of manton bay, Brimstone butterflies sparkle in the fields, chaffinches, willow tits, goldfinches, chiff-chaffs and blackbirds sing in the trees… and our beloved Osprey pair, happily reunited after a long winter, are busy re-building their nest ahead of the season. Maya and 33 have been breeding together in Manton bay since 2015, and today they are showing signs of fondness still; seen copulating early this morning, and then spending the day fishing for perch and trout, and building a very luxurious nest cup for their eggs. 33 and Maya have been fishing equally, bringing back sticks and twigs for the nest, as well as soft material to line the inside of the nest. 

Our pair look very settled and are still having to protect their nest from other interested Ospreys, of which there are now 13 in the area of Rutland water! More expected over the coming weeks, keep an eye out for further activity, I’ll be updating the blog with videos and pictures due to the webcams playing up still! Apologies in advance!

2 responses to “Osprey Big Brother”

  1. Sheila FE

    I remember the day well when younger 33 ousted dear Wonky Wing as the new breeding male, but nature has a way of making it all work out. Now we have two wonderful males breeding at/near RW and we love them both!

  2. suzie

    Thank you so much for sorting the webcams!
    Is there any news on 30, S1 and K4? And has 28/10 arrived safely?