Migration for 054?

Our eldest fledgling 054 has not been seen for a few days and we believe that she has left on her first migration to Africa, she was last seen with Maya on the 18th August.

The three remaining fledglings, 055, 056, 057 are still here in the bay along with Maya and 33, who is still bringing food to them.

The Rutland Osprey Project at Birdfair 2019

We have had another wonderful Birdfair, the weather conditions were challenging, but nobody really minded.

Muddy conditions on site didn’t dampen spirits.

Our brilliant education team entertained visitors with The Migration Game,

everybody enjoyed playing and learning about the osprey’s journey and the perils that our birds may encounter en-route, as they journey 4,000km to the west coast of Africa.

We gave pop-up talks about our 2019 season, these attracted crowds eager to hear about the success of the re-introduction project, especially as this year we’ve now had our 150th chick since the project began.

Sam, one of our osprey ambassadors, interviewed Birdfair celebrities, including Mike Dilger,

and Nick Baker.

The three days flew by, visitors enjoyed celebrity osprey cruises, visiting the Rutland Osprey Project stand, listening to insightful talks from our education team, hearing from our volunteers and staff about our fantastic osprey season, one of our most successful ever.

Great fun was had by all.  Roll on 2020!

Youngsters and parents at Manton Bay

Yesterday’s footage shows all six family members, but for how much longer? The osprey family’s migration is just around the corner.

055, 056 and 057 tussle over the trout that 33 brings in…

Early evening Maya drops in on 054 eating on the nest…

Scrapping for food!

The food begging from all four fledglings continues, when 33 brings in fish, there are tussles between the youngsters. Yesterday 056 and 057 were scrapping over a large trout.

Early evening, another trout was brought in and 054, 055, 056 and 057 were determined to take the catch – it was 055 who succeeded!

At lunchtime today 33 yet again delivered to 055 and 057.

Maya dropped onto the nest as 057 was feasting.

All four fledgings and their parents are still here in Manton Bay.

Our osprey family are still here!

Our four fledglings are food begging almost constantly and although not always on the nest, they can be found perching on their favourite roosts around Manton Bay. The last fish to be delivered, a large trout, came in at 8.30pm, courtesy of 33.  Maya immediately lay claim to it, despite 055 looking expectantly at the catch.

This morning, three of the fledglings 054, 056 and 057 were on the nest – a little windblown – hoping that 33 might drop by, they may well have to wait for an evening meal……