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Rutland Ospreys Education Newsletter                           No 7 :  February 2017


It’s now just over two weeks since we returned from Senegal and Gambia, and what a brilliant trip it was!  We met with well over one hundred Ospreys all together, including a brief glimpse of our own 32(11), who was in his usual spot in the mangrove creeks off Missirah (Senegal), good views at Bulok (Gambia) of the young FR3 from the Loch of the Lowes in Scotland, as well as several other ringed Ospreys from France, Germany and Latvia! All this information will be of great value to the Osprey authorities in the various countries. In addition, we watched 225 different species of brilliant African birds, many amazing mammals and reptiles, such as Red Colobus Monkeys, two species of Dolphin, Fruit Bats, Warthogs and a massive Crocodile! Butterflies and Dragonflies were also splendid in the sunshine!

Male Osprey near Missirah.

The really exciting thought as we boarded our flight for home was that the Ospreys will not be far behind us, and in a few weeks they will be following their well-known routes back to their summer homes, including, of course, Rutland Water! We even had an Osprey-like experience when our flight was diverted to the Canary Islands for a refuelling stop and change of crew! Ospreys often get blown off course by strong winds – a few years ago one of our satellite-tracked males (09(98)) found himself heading for the Canary Islands, just like us, in a strong north-easterly, and for 24 hours we thought he would be lost! But fortunately the wind dropped and he was able to get back on track! We made this an episode in ‘Ozzie’s Return’. Fortunately our stop-over in the Canaries was not due to the wind, and we were soon on our way again back to the UK!

Now it is time to start thinking about the new Osprey season here in Rutland! The Ospreys will be back soon, and we will be ready for them!  Read on now to find out about all the brilliant new plans we have for 2017 – there is so much to tell you!



Osprey Ambassadors :

Several schools have now chosen their ”Osprey Ambassadors” to help us to keep their schools up to date with the latest Osprey news. If your school wishes to choose two or three Osprey Ambassadors who could be our link with your school, and be responsible for helping us to keep you up to date with the latest osprey news, take a look at the information on the Rutland Ospreys website by clicking here.

Contact Ken for help with your Ambassadors by e-mail at


Ambassadors WOW Warm-up

All Osprey Ambassadors (with a supervising teacher or adult) are invited to a World Osprey Week “Warm-up” on Saturday March 25th 2017 from 10.30am until 12.00 noon.

This will be a chance to meet other Ambassadors, get the latest Osprey information and do some osprey related activities. If you need more details or wish to book a place for your Ambassadors contact Jackie at

Ozzie’s Diary

The Latest Ozzie’s Winter Diary (No4) .telling about his latest adventures in Gambia, is now on the Rutland Ospreys website. See it by clicking here.  This will be his last diary entry before migrating back to Rutland!

World Osprey Week (WOW)    March 27th– 31st 2017

Teachers can register on the website with access to our free on line primary and secondary school resources which include fun activities, cross curricular projects and lesson plans, with ready to use pupil resources. Over 300 schools are registered and are now are using these materials!

Take a look at the WOW pages on website for more details by clicking here.

Movie competition 2017 – “Ospreys and Us”

This year as part of WOW individuals or groups of children are invited to make a two minute movie inspired by ospreys. Schools may want to have their own school movie competition and send us the best ones.

We will have separate primary and secondary school movie awards. Movies must be sent to us by Friday 26th May 2017, and the winners will be invited to a movie premiere, Ozzie’s “Ozcar” Awards on Wednesday  5th July held at Rutland Water!


For more information about making and submitting your movie click here. There are also some teaching notes about how to make your movie in both the primary and secondary teachers resources area of the website.



Please take a look at the Rutland Osprey Website as we have posted a lot of new information in the following sections…


Education Section

School visits; If you would like to visit the Lyndon reserve with an educational group, take a look at what we can offer. These are best in the Summer term – come and see the Ospreys! We can also visit local schools to give assemblies and run a choice of classroom activities.

Educational Visits Information video; There is a NEW 3 minute video about visits to the Lyndon Centre – see the link above (school visits).

Ospreys and Us; Movie Competition for Primary and Secondary Schools for 2017


World Osprey Week Section

Get your school involved in WOW in March and follow the migration of the Ospreys!

The latest news, live  tracking of the Osprey Migration and of special interest to children of all ages

Ozzie’s Winter Diary; Find out what Ozzie has been up to during his latest stay in The Gambia in Africa.

School resources; FREE school classroom resources – just register your school for free access to these.



Ken Davies will be at the Oundle Bookshop, Market Place, Oundle, from 10.30-12noon on Saturday 11th March  to sign his latest osprey books “Ozzie’s Return” and “Ozzie Leads the Way”.

Our other osprey publications will also be available!

Ozzie 001Ozzie leads the way - £8