Osprey Education Newsletter May 2016

Osprey News – Eggsciting Times for Our Ospreys!

Field Officer John Wright tells us that SEVEN pairs of Ospreys are now incubating their eggs in nests spread over a wide area around Rutland Water. In Manton Bay, Maya and 33(11) are looking after the eggs very well, and sharing duties to keep them nice and warm. If all goes well, we should see the first signs of hatching sometime in the middle of May. Visitors have been flocking down to Wader Scrape hide to watch this pair at close quarters. Another piece of thrilling news is that over at Lagoon 4 near the Egleton Centre, another pair are showing signs of breeding for the first time!

Osprey Festival 2016

The Osprey Festival for Primary Schools takes place on Wednesday 6th July and Secondary Schools on Friday 8th July and it will be here sooner than you think! Lots of schools have already started on their art, literature or science and work, and some has already been sent to us from Italy. So it is now officially an international event!

Remember we must have your entries to us by May 23rd so please get cracking.

For details of the festival categories click here!

We are planning activities and workshops for the day, and schools entering will be invited to send some of their pupils to attend. We hope to offer an osprey cruise on the Rutland Belle to those pupils who produce the winning entries.


Osprey artwork


World Osprey Week 2016! WOW – it was great!

The 3rd World Osprey Week in April was a terrific success, with links in three continents (Europe, Africa, North America) allowing school students to interact with one another on their favourite subject – OSPREYS! We saw Osprey artwork, listened to Osprey poems, and even had a performance of an Osprey song – very much appreciated by live school audiences in Italy, Spain, Gambia and of course the United Kingdom. We are very grateful to Catmose Community College (Oakham) and Casterton Primary School for hosting our two Skype links during the week. The presentations you produced were just fantastic! For Class 3 at Casterton, perhaps the highlight was when Iain Macleod from Squam Lakes Nature Centre in New Hampshire (USA) appeared live on the screen with a real Osprey which had been found injured a few years ago and was now back to health, although unable to fly. Iain answered all the children’s questions, and we could have gone on all afternoon!

Also during World Osprey Week, our Education Team (Jackie, Pete and Ken) visited five local schools and gave Osprey talks to over 500 children. Special thanks to the teachers and children at Casterton Primary, Leighfield Academy (Uppingham), Catmose CC, English Martyrs Primary (Oakham) and Wittering Primary School (nr Stamford).

Tim Mackrill updated the Osprey website (www.ospreys.org.uk) every day during WOW with news of satellite-tracked Ospreys making their way back to their northern breeding grounds in Finland, Latvia, North America and many other countries. Students in over 250 schools and colleges all over the world took the opportunity to link up and share in this amazing natural spectacular called MIGRATION, and make use of the specially prepared material on the website. Thank you to all – and especially to the ospreys!

Introducing…………..THE AMBASSADORS!!

No, not the name of a new band, but the Osprey Ambassadors, a group of young people from local schools in the Rutland area, who will be their school’s link with all the exciting Osprey news from the Rutland Water Nature Reserve. Several schools have already appointed their Osprey Ambassadors, and the Education Team have started training them to be the Project’s vital link with their schools, passing on news and information to the next generation of Osprey watchers and protectors. Many of them have already visited the Lyndon Reserve in order to gain first-hand experience of Ospreys at their nest.

Ambassadors receive special books in order to improve their knowledge, and we will be organising events for them to get together, and even join us (with parents and teachers) on a special Osprey Cruise aboard the ‘Rutland Belle’ in July! The first Osprey Ambassadors are already enjoying their new job!

Casterton C of E Primary School : Louie and Sam
Casterton B & E College : Jasmine
The Bythams Primary School: Isabella
English Martyrs (Oakham) : Georgia, Rachel & Finn
Catmose Community College (Oakham): Max and Isaac
Find out more about the Ambassador Scheme by clicking here!


Osprey Ambassadors visiting Lyndon


School visits to the Lyndon Reserve

Many Schools will be bring their pupils to the Lyndon Reserve this term to see the ospreys. The good news is that thanks to generous sponsorship by the Martin Lawrence Trust we are able to purchase several more pairs of ‘child friendly’ self-focusing binoculars for the pupils to use. As many of you already know these binoculars have been a real hit with the pupils who have used them.


Students on a visit to Lyndon