Osprey looks left ,Osprey looks right……

It has been another settled day in the bay, 28(10) brought a fish to the nest just after 7 oclock this morning. He ate most of fish before taking what was left to Maya who was on the nest. Most of the day the pair have been sharing the duties of incubation. It is still taking 28 a while to settle on the eggs, firstly he has to straighten the nest material, move the eggs around and then eventually flops down to cover the eggs.


Who’s that then ?


I think it’s your turn


More exciting news, on the 22nd April while monitoring the Manton Bay nest, Clive and Sonia Adkin observed an Osprey sitting in the dead tree just to the right of Waderscrape Hide. At about 7.30 pm they were able to read the blue ring on the the right leg 51(11) a male that fledged from our Site K nest in 2011.
This is a bird that John Wright had photographed last year but had not been able positivily identify.

Other things of interest at the Lyndon Reserve, in front of Waderscrape Hide you are almost certain of seeing Water Voles swimming across the channels. On the feeders infront of the visitor centre today we had a pair of Willow Tits, Lesser Redpoll, Tree Sparrows and our usual selection of finches.

2 responses to “Osprey looks left ,Osprey looks right……”

  1. Rebecca Denny

    Loved the video and narration. Thank you , that was a treat.

  2. Pat Lawrence

    Thoroughly enjoying your site and following the ups and downs of your ospreys. It is very sad that the latest problems might have resulted in the eggs not surviving the latest arguments between a couple of males. Let’s hope that all is not lost. Thank you for a very interesting web site. I live in Scotland near Loch of the Lowes and we have our own famous elderly ‘Lady’ of course.