Osprey migration trail!

Life is always a challenge. The visitors to the Lyndon Reserve had the challenge of an unseasonably cold and windy bank holiday week-end. Meanwhile the Manton Bay ospreys are back after facing the challenge of their 3000 mile migration from West Africa back to Rutland. This weekend our young Osprey Ambassadors managed to face both of these challenges on the same day, and you might ask just how did they do that?

Osprey Ambassadors take the latest osprey news back to their local schools, and at their “Osprey Club” meeting this week-end became the first visitors to the reserve to follow the new Rutland Osprey Migration Trail on what proved to be a very cold Sunday bank holiday afternoon. The trial begins at the Lyndon Centre (representing West Africa) past Deep Water Hide (Mauritania and Morocco) then via Deepwater Hide (France and Spain) and finally to Waterscape hide (England) to see the Manton Bay ospreys in real life.

Information boards at each of the four locations explain about the osprey migration journey, satellite tracking, and the hazards that the ospreys must face on their journey. It is a challenge…. and the Ambassadors had to find answers to a series of questions at each stage of the journey. It was tough, the weather did not help, but 15 representatives from 9 schools successfully arrived in “Rutland” (Waderscape hide) and declared the trail open!

The Ambassadors were also rewarded by some good views of Maya and Osprey 33 sharing incubation at the nest site and a visit by a blue ringed male osprey who flew in and perched on the dead tree near to the nest. Clearly a Rutland bird, with a blue ring on the right leg, we could not be determine the ring number before 33 finally chased him away towards Oakham.

Other young, and not so young, visitors to Lyndon may also like to follow the Rutland osprey migration and Migration Trail leaflets are available at the Lyndon Centre. So if you like a challenge make this part of your visit. Hopefully the weather will be kinder and help you in your journey to see the ospreys!