Ospreys at Cottesmore Primary School

As we eagerly await the arrival of the first chick in Manton Bay, the Osprey Road Show has been busy this week. A lovely part of this job is being able to visit so many different schools in Rutland and beyond and having the opportunity to enthuse and inspire children of all ages. You never know, we may even get to meet the next generation of Tim Mackrills!

On Wednesday morning a group of us went down to Cottesmore Primary School – a fantastic school that we have visited several times. Last year the school changed their logo and I think it’s one of the finest I’ve ever seen…

Cottesmore Primary School

For myself and the rest of the team, our visit was going to be a real treat – we were not just visiting one class but the entire Primary School! We arrived in the school hall first thing in the morning to be greeted by the small reception class. They enjoyed learning all about Ospreys – how big they are, what they like to eat and why they don’t stay in Rutland for the winter. This gentle introduction to migration was accompanied by Ken reading Ozzie’s Migration, the perfect tool for helping children to learn all about the incredible 3000 mile journey that Ospreys undertake twice a year.

The next group were Years 3 and 4 and the first thing we asked was if the children knew why their new logo was an Osprey. Nearly all hands went up and one of the girls at the front announced that it was because they live in Rutland. Nearly all the children said they had been to Rutland Water and seen Ospreys in real life, a fantastic start! It was a great opportunity to build on what they already knew and go into more detail about migration, satellite tracking and links with Africa.

The rest of the school were a delight to talk to. We had children from Years 1 and 2 reading Ozzie’s migration to us and we played a game where they pretended to be Osprey chicks, starting as eggs and finishing when they were three months old and getting ready to begin their first harrowing journey to West Africa. The best bit was definitely when we were learning how to fly and hopping on one leg! We were all impressed by the knowledge of Years 5 and 6 who very easily learnt the word that describes how an Osprey can rotate one of their forward facing toes – an adaptation that makes Ospreys fantastic fishermen…


From the early years, education has been an important aspect of the team’s work, so if you are a teacher, why not invite us to your school, so that you and your pupils can learn more about Ospreys, their way of life here and in the wintering grounds in West Africa, and the work of the Project at Rutland Water? Also, if you are a parent and think that your children’s school may be interested in learning all about Ospreys we’d love to hear from you. For more information visit our Information for Schools page by clicking here.

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    Great to read that the children are so enthusiastic it’s so important I feel to raise their awareness after all they will one day be the custodians and hopefully protectors of all our flora and fauna. The work you guys are doing with them is to be commended and hopefully will encourage others to go out to the schools and colleges in other parts of the country and help raise our young peoples awareness of what is around them.