Ospreys in the mist

Today started off rather foggy! You can see from this image on the wide angle camera that the visibility was not very good first thing this morning. You can barely see Maya on the nest in this photo!


Happily, by lunchtime the fog had mostly cleared and the sun had come out! Here is 33 sitting sunning himself.

Nice day

The pair have been busy building their nest once again, as they will continue to do throughout the season. The main thing they need to ensure at the moment is that the centre of the nest is safe for the eggs to be laid, so both ospreys have been scraping out the centre to create a neat egg cup. Yesterday the main material of choice was hay. Today, 33 delivered several small sticks and a lump of turf! 33 seemed content with his placement of the turf, but later on Maya decided to move it to a different location.

33 with tiny stick

33 with a tiny stick


In addition to the turf and small sticks, 33 also brought in a larger stick, and deposited it right on top of Maya! 33 appeared to get his foot stuck in it too, but eventually both birds disentangled themselves from it.

There was a bit of excitement at about 14:10 when an intruder came by! Maya and 33 immediately came to the nest and mantled to protect what’s theirs. 33 was very upset and got down really low in the nest. The intruder didn’t come close enough for an ID, and eventually left the bay, leaving the resident pair in peace.

Here are a couple of nice action shots of 33 and Maya flying in to and from the nest today!

33 taking off 33 flies off

Maya flying in

33 caught a huge trout just before 5pm, and spent some time eating the head before bringing it to Maya on the nest at 17:25.

Here comes 33




3 responses to “Ospreys in the mist”

  1. Suzie

    Kayleigh … at the risk of repeating myself … your reports are a WONDERFUL! Thank you so much for taking the time to ensure that all of us, no matter how far we are from Rutland (the South of France in my case), are able to enjoy the day to day antics of our amazing pair.

  2. Adrian Morris-Young

    Great updates and fascinating habits that are now keeping my work colleagues entertained!

  3. David

    Tell 33 not to feel bad about Maya’s replacing his contributions. The same thing happens at my house. Apparently, we males cannot get anything right the first time!