Ospreys in the Ukraine

In recent weeks many thousands of Ospreys have been migrating north through Europe, heading for breeding grounds in the UK, France, Germany, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. Staff and students at Holoskiv School in the Ukraine have been recording the Ospreys that have passed through their village of Goloskiv in the Letychiv district. Here’s what they’ve seen (special thanks to ????????? ????? for sending the sightings):

05/04/13 – 1 bird flew north through the river valley
07/04/13 – 1 bird
09/04/13 – 1 bird
10/04/13 Osprey “Eriks” stopped in the woods at 6 miles west of our village
14/04/13 – 1 bird resting on a tree in the woods south of the village

Most of these birds will have continued north to breeding grounds in Estonia and Finland. Check out our interactive schools map to see where they might be going.