Ospreys overhead

We’ve been lucky to enjoy some brilliant sunrises at Rutland recently and today was no exception. Here is 2AM on the nest this morning just after twenty-past five.

2AM on the nest

2AM on the nest

Pink clouds reflected in the water

Pink clouds reflected in the water

2AM spent much of the morning food-begging on the nest, and at quarter past nine 33 eventually delivered a large trout to the nest.

2AM spent some time on the nest happily eating, until Maya landed on the nest, when he then flew to the camera perch. Maya then spent some time picking up the leftover bits of fish messy-eater 2AM had left on the nest.

A few minutes later 2AM flew back to the nest, almost landing on Maya who took this as her cue to leave!

It wasn’t long before 2AM lost interest in the fish though, and then Maya returned to take the trout for herself.

This afternoon Maya also brought a little fish back to the nest for 2AM. We have seen a few of these smaller fish being brought back to the nest lately and we expect that they are being caught in Manton Bay.

Other than that today has been relatively quiet, with the only other action being 33 dropping a large stick right in the middle of the nest this afternoon.

Yesterday was a slightly more action-packed day, with plenty of intruders overhead for our visitors in Waderscrape hide to witness. Here is the first of one of many mantling efforts from 33 throughout yesterday morning!

In this video 33 joins 2AM to mantle on the nest.

And in this clip an intruder seems to catch 33 off guard as he drops into mantling position partway through rearranging sticks on the nest!