Out of the Mist

The past couple of days have not been enjoyable for the ospreys, the weather from the weekend seems to have swept through the week bringing the cloud down onto the reserve. 

However, despite the weather the pair in the bay have been busy incubating and making the nest ready for the new arrivals. Lets hope next weeks promise of better weather is true. 

33 and Maya have been bringing in plenty of sticks, although sometimes it looks as though Maya might be getting a little annoyed with 33’s help!  




However, 33 is still a great provider and is bring plenty of fish. This morning he bucked his trend and brought Maya breakfast instead of dinner. 




Sadly the views from the cameras have not great with the rain, lets hope it clears up soon!

One response to “Out of the Mist”

  1. BillHunt53

    Good to see Maya and 33 have made it through the rain this week, what a miserable time it’s been for them on the nest. But they are tough cookies and excellent parents who reward us all with their antics with sticks as we wait for those eggs to hatch.