Over the rainbow

The wonderful warm weather of the weekend unfortunately didn’t last into today, and most of the day was dull and drizzly, and it even hailed this afternoon! The sun did come out later though, and shone through the rain, creating this lovely rainbow you can see on the wide-angle camera!


Our resident ospreys have been visited by a few others several times today, either scouting out the area or just passing through. This always causes them to mantle on the nest, protecting their territory. It’s a very common occurrence, particularly at this time of year when ospreys are still returning to the area, as they often have a look around before either going back to their nest sites or finding a nest of their own.


The intrusions did not last long, and the Manton Bay pair were soon busily getting back down to the business of nest preparation! Sticks and large clumps of grass were the order of the day.



33 flying off

33 flying off 2

We’re almost certain Maya will lay an egg this week. Based on last year’s total of nine days between the birds arriving back and the first egg being laid, we’ve predicted tomorrow! This afternoon, Maya was seen to sit down in the nest, as she would if she were incubating, and she made no attempt to scrape the nest but got up again almost straight away. This restless behaviour suggests she may be ready to lay very soon.




2 responses to “Over the rainbow”

  1. Bill Hunt

    Well what a day it’s turned out to be……thought a quick look at the nest was a good idea. Turns out to be better….Maya has an egg!! Thank goodness for night vision cameras!!

  2. Andy

    Egg! Egg! So soon 🙂