Party in the rain

Work parties have been taking place at Lyndon every Monday since the beginning of October. Despite the rain, yesterday was no exception! We thought that the forecasted torrential downpour might, understandably, put some people off, but how wrong could we be! We still had a group of 17 hardy troopers who turned up to work in the wet.

Luckily for us, it wasn’t as bad as predicted, and the really heavy rain waited until we had packed the tools away and come inside for a welcome lunch of Paul’s soup and Jan’s cakes. Whilst we worked, the rain was mostly just a persistent drizzle. We still got completely soaked, of course, and some of us ended up covered in slimy green algae that clung to the bases of the trees near the water’s edge. All in a day’s work, though!

The task yesterday was to re-coppice two different areas of small willow and hazel regrowth. We split the group into two teams, and coppiced two small areas – willow in one, hazel in the other. The purpose of this work was to open up the view and improve light penetration to the ground. Some of the larger stems (2-3 inches diameter) were put aside and they will be used in the future as stakes for hedge-laying and willow weaving.

Thank you to everyone who turned up yesterday despite the inclement weather!