Patience is a virtue

All day we’ve been waiting impatiently for the first hatching to happen! The ospreys have both seemed more restless than usual, shifting their positions a lot and swapping over more frequently. This could be because they are feeling a chick moving around inside one of the eggs, making them uncomfortable. Or it could be wishful thinking on our part! Each time the birds move we’re zooming in, trying to see if there are any cracks in the eggs… there aren’t, though. Not yet.


The reason we thought the first chick might hatch today was based on last season – the number of days between the first egg being laid and hatching was 37. However, I’ve been doing some homework, and this number has differed over the years, as you’d expect – it was 39 in 2013, 40 in 2012 and 39 in 2011. We must just wait – but we can’t, we’re too excited!

33 brought Maya two fish this morning, one of which she didn’t seem to see until she was just settling onto the eggs – she looked rather surprised when she noticed! She then decided she wanted it, stood up and took it away to eat, and 33 gladly took over incubation.

33 brings fish33


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  1. Helen Hall

    I have just returned from a week away and love the updates but so hate all the advertising. Sorry you have had to do it as it spoils what was a lovely site entirely devoted to Osprey and Rutland Water.