Patience is a virtue

We’ve had another good day at Lyndon today, but still no Osprey in Manton Bay! However, whilst we might be getting impatient looking at an empty nest all day, it’s worth remembering that it’s still early in the season, and a lot of Ospreys will still be on their way. Also, the weather has been quite bad recently over the continent, which is slowing down our satellite-tagged female, 30(05), and so is very likely to be slowing down other Ospreys aswell.

Due to the fact that the Manton Bay female, Maya, arrived back on 17th March last year, we’ve all been expecting her for a few days now. We are aware, though, that she does not always stick to a certain day, and in the past her arrival dates have ranged from 21st March to as late as 1st April. It doesn’t stop us hoping she’ll be back soon though!

We also hope that 33(11) will return earlier this year than 13th April, which was the date he returned last season. Last year, though, he did not have a territory of his own, so was in no rush. This year should be different, as he now has a territory and a mate, which should motivate him to come back sooner!

Although we still await the birds in Manton Bay, some of our other Ospreys have been steadily returning. Since 03(97) came home on 17th March, three other Ospreys have returned to Rutland. They are 5N(04), 25(10) and 00(09) – three females who all bred here last year on nests on private land.

Fingers crossed for more birds returning over the coming days!

03(97) at his nest site last week

03(97) at his nest site last week

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  1. Dave

    Good news post….
    Now guys…… come on dont keep the girls waiting!!