Patience pays off

It has been a very quiet day today, there have been no reports of 33(11) in the bay. When we switched on the screen, the scene that greeted us was a very wet Maya sitting tight on her eggs. 28 was nowhere to be seen, and we hoped he was fishing. However, no such luck. Instead, he brought in some dead vegetation, which she wasn’t particularly impressed with. The video and pictures below, taken from our nest camera, show Maya’s attempts to utilise this new addition to the nest.

Hmmm, what's he brought that for?

Hmmm, what’s he brought that for?

I'll put it here

I’ll put it here

No, there

No, there…

No, there

What about here…

Are you going fishing now?

Are you going fishing now?


Later on, after a whole day of food begging, Maya finally got what she wanted, as 28 brought in a great big trout! Unfortunately Maya took off with it so fast we could not get a picture!




3 responses to “Patience pays off”

  1. cirrus

    hooray hooray !! well done 28. a head on trout 🙂

  2. Lin Rogers

    Bless this dear ‘boy’ 28, he is trying his hardest. Hopefully, now, Maya has a good meal in her tummy and, you never know with nature, their eggs may prove to be the next generation (in memory of you know who!)

  3. Dolly Cox

    Well done, 28, you are gradually learning the male’s role – keep at it for Maya’s sake!