Peace out

Last night just before 8pm there was another intruder in Manton Bay! Both Maya and 33 came to the nest to defend it, and the intruder soon disappeared.

Today has been a fairly calm, chilled out day. 2AM was so relaxed that at one point he had a big stretch and stretched his (really long!) wing over 33 and his leg over 2AN’s back!

2AM stretch

Both juveniles have eaten today, without waiting for Maya to feed them!


Of course there has also been some more wing action! Both juveniles are getting better and 2AN in particular is becoming braver and jumping higher! She almost helioptered today!

2AN jump again 2AN jump

2AM flaps

2AN off the ground!

33 has still been bringing sticks! He delivered a big one at 09:30 – the juveniles were both very startled when they saw him coming, then sensibly ducked out of the way.

Incoming stick

2AN did a bit of stick moving today too. It was a lovely scene, with all four ospreys on the nest together.

2AN with stick

Our juveniles are best pals now – there have been no signs of aggression between them for a long time.

Best pals

Here’s a lovely image of 2AN in the foreground, and 2AM behind, both gazing in different directions.