Peregrine Passing

Our osprey family have had a great couple of days, full of fish, and the chicks are looking almost grown up! 33 has continued to set off fishing early in the day, usually bringing in a tiny fish at first light followed by one or two bigger fish slightly later, and another in the afternoon or evening.

On Sunday at lunchtime, our volunteers in Waderscrape reported an intruding osprey over the nest. We looked back over the video, and it was clear 33 was upset – whilst we didn’t see the intruding osprey on film, we did catch a fleeting glimpse of a peregrine in the back of the shot! The peregrine has been spotted regularly in the bay recently, hunting common tern and sand martins, and it was a real treat to see it in the back of shot. It is unlikely our ospreys would consider a peregrine a threat, as peregrines catch their prey in flight, so we are sure 33 was only mantling at the osprey overhead!

We’ve had some good comedy moments with the birds bringing sticks to the nest over the past two days, although our chicks haven’t always looked too impressed by them – particularly when Maya brought a huge stick to the nest this morning and dropped it on the chicks!

We witnessed a sweet moment of family teamwork when one of the chicks had a go at moving a stick with Maya and 33.

Additionally on Sunday 33 seemed to forget the chicks had hatched, settling down on the nest like he was incubating again! He has been spending quite a lot of time on the nest the past two days, particularly at night – last night he was on the nest with Maya and the chicks for around 4 hours!



Family portrait

Family portrait

Here are the fish from this morning – these kept the chicks going for most of the day, with 33 not bringing in another fish until around 4.30pm.

Finally we have some good news to end todays blog – S1, one of Maya and 33’s returnee chicks, has been spending his time on a nest in Dorset! John Wright last saw S1 at Rutland on May 24th – on May 25th an osprey turned up in Dorset. Until today, no one had been able to get an accurate ring reading from the bird, but now thanks to Olly Slessor we know it to be S1! Photos of S1 in Dorset and more information to follow soon.

4 responses to “Peregrine Passing”

  1. Barry Costello

    It’s amazing just how big the chicks have got in the last week or so, I guess they’ll soon be ready for ringing

  2. Lindy Moore

    Do the birds ever place their sticks on the other side of the nest, furthest from the camera? And if not why not?
    A lovely website and delightful to watch the progress of the chicks.

    1. Holly Hucknall

      Hi Lindy,
      Yes they do, they just seem to be building the camera side up more often this year! This may be to do with conditions in the bay, perhaps they need more shelter on one side than the other.
      Thank you,

  3. Julie Mayne

    As always thank you to Holly & Kayleigh for excellent updates. We do enjoy reading about our Manton Bay family & it never ceases to amaze us how rapidly the chicks grow! Also, fab news re S1 – good luck to him.