Philosophy Friday returns.. a day late!

I suppose I should call it superlative Saturday.. Then again that’s every magnificent, extraordinary Saturday on here isn’t it?

One of my favourite moments of the month by far has been seeing the iconic, enigmatic rare species himself, Sir David Attenborough, appearing at Glastonbury festival, in his infamous blue and beige. This wasn’t, as I’d hoped initially, the moment he launched his rap career as ‘D.Atz the way I like it’ lending his dulcet tones to a fresh beat in front of the crowd… he came on to the stage with his arms held high, carrying the weight of a very important celebratory message. He praised Glastonbury festival for going completely plastic free, a first for festivals in the UK and a groundbreaking change in our war on single-use plastic, which pollutes the environment in many ways. 

To me, his appearance at the festival suggested a number of things, first of all, confirming how humble this man is and how connected he is with everyone, and how revered he is by all ages (he came on to a full audience cheer), how far the awareness is spreading about environmental consciousness, and more importantly, that what we are campaigning for is beginning to work in the real world, with real solutions. Having a festival go completely plastic free is extraordinary, the change being over a million plastic bottles not being used which would have normally, and potentially gone on to end up in rubbish dumps, even get as far as our oceans. 

Switching to non-plastic alternatives is difficult at first, but when you think about your day ahead, what would you normally take, a drink? There are plenty of cool design reusable stainless steel/BPA free water bottles you can buy and take with you on commutes, to work, the gym, even out and about, saving you money at a convenience store and saving you buying a plastic bottled drink. At supermarkets more and more branches are offering paper bags for groceries, but you can buy beeswax food wrap bags which you can take with you to put fruit and veg in. Buying fresh and local also allows you to limit the amount of plastic bags/packaging normally found in supermarket ready meals. Recycling is a no-brainer here obviously, if you have to use some plastics, you could try looking for recycled plastic packaging, and then recycle it when you’re finished. 

Above all else it’s more important than ever that we support solutions to pollution in any way we can, reducing our use of plastics and promoting beach cleans and litter picks around you whenever you can! And we can all follow the dream of Sir David Attenborough, to keep our oceans safe havens for the marvelous array of rare and beautiful species that they support. (To be read in D.A.’s voice)