Pina coladas? Or getting caught in the rain? Tough choices..

All of us at Lyndon HQ are looking out onto the icy waters of Manton Bay, wrapped in fifteen layers, drawing straws on who has to brave the chilly outside world to check the site is in good working order for the day. This morning Rutland woke up to a light dusting of snow on rooftops and cars, and a collective shudder swept across the landscape as we all had to force ourselves out of bed… But it’s a different story for our feathered friends… in a distant paradise, sunning themselves in secluded white beaches and turquoise shores, three of our tagged Ospreys are reveling in the final throes of their overwintering retreats. We’re lucky enough to be able to share with you a little sneak peak into their whereabouts and possible movements using satellite tracking technology. Imagine the ripples of excitement (and envy) that swept through the Osprey HQ (a rather grand term for what is essentially my mascot-adorned corner of the Lyndon office with its own small library and biscuit supply) when I zoomed in on google earth to see the journeys of these three Ospreys. Only one of our birds seems to be making any definitive movements in a constant direction North, number 30, but time will tell over these next couple of weeks who will be the first to return to Rutland’s shores. (See photo 1)

  Photo 1: 30 heading north of Dakar towards Nouakchott

She first bred at Rutland in 2009 and was tagged in 2013, and we have followed her migration ever since. She is heading up from the coast from Dakar, and is currently flying over Nouakchott in Mauritania. 

Our other Ospreys seem to be enjoying island life and kicking back on the coast of Guinea and Senegal! (Photos 2 and 3)

 Photo 2: 4k hugging the coast of Guinea

4K (enjoying the coast of Guinea!) fledged the nest in 2015 but has yet to breed, so we will wait to see if he returns to try his luck again in 2019!

 Photo 3: S1 island hopping off the coast of Guinea Bissau

S1, one of the first chicks of Maya and 33, also fledged in 2015, and may choose this year to start a breeding territory of his own.. both these Ospreys were fitted with a tracker in 2018 and the movement patterns we are seeing is within a small area, indicating they seem to be showing no signs of taking their towels of the sun loungers just yet!

So place your bets and watch this space for the next thrilling installments in the Osprey Odyssey! 

4 responses to “Pina coladas? Or getting caught in the rain? Tough choices..”

  1. Mike S

    Thank you Marie. Seems the EG’s have a little more time to explore!

  2. suzie

    Hey Marie … I finally managed to login. So a written as well as verbal welcome to the fold! Thanks for the update, I for one can’t wait to welcome our wonderful birds back home … here’s to a peaceful and successful summer!

  3. suzie

    I can’t help but feel sorry for those EGs … if they only knew what trouble lay ahead!

  4. Valerie

    One of my favourite songs Marie !!! Well it is the 12th tomorrow 🙂 will Maya make it , oh my goodness that would be amazing