Power to the Ospreys

Today was an interesting day. Well, that’s one way to describe it! Myself and the volunteers on duty were taken by surprise when, halfway through the morning, all the power went off! We hoped it was a temporary failure, and waited for it to come back on. It wasn’t long though before we began to worry that we were going to need to eat an awful lot of ice creams if the power wasn’t restored soon…

A phone call to the electricity provider revealed that our power would be out all day. So we decided to make the best of it! The ice creams were kindly accepted into a freezer at the Fishing Lodge, and we used a laptop on battery power to show visitors videos of the Ospreys. No live camera of course, but both Ospreys were on show down in the Bay all day, and luckily they are viewable without the use of electricity!

At four o’clock salvation arrived with the return of the power. All of a sudden the lights, screens and equipment came back to life! Luckily for us, 33(11) waited for the return of our live camera to deliver this huge fish!


And here is a screen-shot of Maya relaxing in the sun.

Maya enjoying the sun

Maya enjoying the sun