Primary School Lesson Plans

List of Resources for Primary Schools

Schools and teachers are clearly at liberty to dip into the materials, ideas and lesson plans as much as they wish to. However for total immersion for your pupils there should be enough material for a class to do osprey related work (across all subjects) for at least two hours every day for a week.

Use the links below to download a .zip file or PDF of the lesson plans. The plans are in Word format or PDF format, with supporting images and even video in some cases.

List of Material Available

  1. 2018 Competition “Inspired By Ospreys”..
    Drawing Poem or Short Story competition with under 11 and over 12 years

  2. Osprey Verse.
    Ideas for Primary English

  3. Telling stories.
    Stick puppet and story telling

  4. Watching Ospreys.
    Science – How to do an Osprey Study

  5. Favourite Osprey Videos.
    A collection of Osprey videos referenced from Teachers notes

  6. Classroom Migration Project.
    This includes research, art, craft, display, geography, writing & team work

  7. Migration Log.
    This includes IT, spreadsheet recording, map work & maths.

  8. Ospreyrobics.
    This is an exercise program.

  9. Osprey Story.
    A piece of original writing to form part of a display.

  10. Osprey Bag Charm.
    A pattern and instructions for pupils to sew an osprey bag charm.

  11. Osprey Leg ring.
    Pupils can make their own leg rings to wear during the week.

  12. Puzzles & Word search.
    Quick activities to help pupils practise the key words they will have to learn.

  13. Meet Other Schools.
    We will help to make links between your school and others who are also taking part in WOW. You can e-mail Skype, swap ideas and materials.Depending on which schools you contact your pupils may also have chance to practise a foreign language.

  14. Assemble an Osprey – Dice Game.
    A fun activity for both younger and older students.

  15. Osprey Fishing Game.
    A “battleships” style Osprey game for 2 players.

  16. The Story of a Drop of Water.
    Story explaining how the water cycle works, with activities.

  17. A Fishy Puzzle.
    A quick puzzle to find out an Osprey’s favourite fish.

  18. Musical Ospreys.
    Encourage your pupils to write a tune about ospreys and make a video to go with it.

  19. Survival of the Fittest Osprey Game.
    A “bingo” style game to be played by the whole class.

2 responses to “Primary School Lesson Plans”

  1. Elaine Atkin

    Please can I have access to the primary lesson plans. We are studying the book SKYHAWK by Gill Lewis in September. We are interested in information about migration to West Africa.

    Many Thanks

    Mrs Atkin and OSPrey Class, Great Barton Primary, Suffolk

    1. Tim

      Hi Elaine,

      To access the primary school lesson plans, you need to register for the website by clicking this link

      Once you have done so you will be emailed a password that allows you to access the resources. If you have any problems please send me an email

      Many thanks,

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