Putting on a show!

The Manton Bay female has been putting on a good show for those who have been to see her from the Lyndon visitor centre, and for everyone watching the webcam this afternoon.

Following her arrival this morning she has set out to ensure that Monday’s arrival, 00(09), is left in no doubt as to who is the boss in Manton Bay. At one point both female birds could be seen on the nest before 00(09) was chased away.

Throughout the afternoon the Manton Bay female has made several trips up past the Lyndon visitor centre and on towards the dam in search for lunch on the newly released trout in front of the Old Hall on Hambleton Peninsular.

In the end though, she only had to go as far as Tufted Duck hide to make her catch. A nice big trout.

Once back in the nest she was bombarded by greater black backed gulls in search of an easy meal. Several of which flew right down to the nest and were then sat watching her eat from the camera perch making for an uncomfortable dining experience!

2 responses to “Putting on a show!”

  1. Mary Dempsey

    Fantastic to see her on the webcam this morning (NZ) time with a meal. Lovely pics Thanks

  2. Cirrus

    It’s so very thrilling to watch an Osprey live again knowing she is here to stay for the breeding season. Thank you team