Rainy days

It’s been a very wet day today! Maya has done a great job of keeping the chicks warm and dry, only stepping away from them to offer them fish. 33 has done a great job of bringing in plenty of fish today, despite the inclement weather. The chicks have been fed on at least five separate occasions, and that won’t be it for today! They are looking very healthy and strong. We are hopeful that the fourth egg will hatch tomorrow – today isn’t the best weather to enter the world!

So wet

Huddled up

Here is Maya feeding the chicks this morning at 07:45. It’s a shame that our view is impinged by the sticks 33 has added to this side of the nest! However, the chicks can be seen through the gaps, and you can see how Maya leans around to ensure she feeds the chick further back as well as the one in front.

33 delivered another fish at 08:40, which Maya took from him and fed immediately to the chicks.


The chicks were fed again at 11:26, then just before 14:00, then another one came in at 16:00! This time we get a slightly better view of the chicks. Again you can see Maya making sure to feed both chicks.


Roach has been 33’s fish of choice lately, and we believe there is a supply of spawning roach in Manton Bay itself, which 33 is cleverly utilising. He delivered one at 9pm last night which he must have just caught that minute – it was clearly still alive!

It didn’t remain alive for long, thankfully, as Maya soon began to feed this very fresh meal to her chicks.

The weather looks set to improve tomorrow, which I’m sure Maya will appreciate! Keep your eyes on the webcam for the appearance of the final chick…



2 responses to “Rainy days”

  1. Mary Scotland

    Just looked at live video, is the osprey ok. Looks to be very still and in a weird position.?

    1. Kayleigh Brookes

      She’s fine – when it rains she huddles down on the chicks to keep them warm and dry.