Recycling for Ospreys

Last week I was lucky enough to receive a phone call from Francesca Rudkin, a Textile Artist who has been working with Oakham C of E Primary School, inviting us to go and see an Osprey the children had made. How exciting! After several phone calls we arranged that Tim and I would go and give an assembly so we could tell everyone all the recent news about the Rutland Ospreys. Not knowing what to expect, we arrived at the school on Tuesday morning and were greeted by Francesca and her colleague Wendy Broad. We went straight into the hall so we could get set up and we were amazed to see that we could get the live webcam up on the screen. The wonders of modern technology! It wasn’t long before the children filled the hall and Tim began the assembly. At least one Osprey in Manton Bay was obliging enough to stay on the nest so the children could have a good look. We also told them all about 09’s incredible journey and were able to show them his route on Google Earth. After plenty of questions, the first lessons began so we were left to have a good look at the Osprey.

Michelle with Textile Artists Wendy Broad and Francesca Rudkin


Francesca and Wendy have been working with the children at Oakham C of E Primary School to create wildlife sculptures from recycled materials. The whole school was involved with different years making different animals that have been put on display around the school grounds. Amongst them were caterpillars, dragonflies, spiders, fish, and two Ospreys!

It was fantastic to see how creative the children had been! The caterpillars were all made from yoghurt pots, the dragonflies from coat hangers, and the spider webs were made from donated bicycle wheels. The Ospreys began as chicken wire frames and Years 5 and 6 each spent a day weaving strips of fabric through the wire to make the magnificent bodies and wings. What a fantastic way to teach children about the benefits of recycling! All the wildlife sculptures will be displayed throughout the summer and they really make the playground a fun and colourful place to be. If you are a teacher in Rutland and would like Wendy and Francesca to visit your school please contact Michelle on 01572 737378 or by email