Reserve Expert – Summer School 2020

Reserve Expert – Summer School 2020

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Are you between 7 and 16 years old?

Do you want to become a “Reserve Expert”?

In 2020, we can offer young people the chance to work with our Rutland Ospreys team to learn more about birds and other wildlife on the Lyndon reserve at Rutland Water, home of the Rutland Ospreys.There will be lots to do, with plenty of activity sessions. You also get the chance to visit the hide to see the Rutland ospreys and find out more about tracking and monitoring these birds. Reserve Expert Days are a great way meet and work with other young people and  reserve staff, do lots of new things, and make new friends!

In 2020 we shall offer two levels of activity days, First Flights and High Flyers!

Reserve Expert – First Flights

These activities will be offered on separate dates for primary aged children in years 5 or 6, and to secondary aged children in years 7 – 11.
They will be similar to last year’s Reserve Expert Days, and subject to weather and reserve staff available could include the following activities…
• Bird ringing; Introduction to bird ringing and recording
• How to identify birds using visual features, bird watching and identification
• Bird Sounds; what these mean, sonograms, and describing bird sounds
• The Rutland Ospreys; watching and carrying out a simple behaviour study
• Bird feathers; features and their identification
• Owl pellets; a simple dissection of a pellet and identification of parts found


Reserve Expert – High Flyers

These days are for children  who attended last year’s Reserve Expert sessions (in Years 7-11), or have worked with us as Osprey Ambassadors, or have experience either on their own local nature reserve or with a wildlife group. The activities can be based on First Flights, but are suited  to youngsters with more  knowledge, will cover more detail, and may move at a faster pace. Subject to weather and the reserve staff available, the day may  include the following activities..

• Bird watching; field notes, bird features & identification, and field recording
• Wildlife watching tools – Using binoculars, telescopes, lenses, and digiscoping
• Insects; Their features, identification, observing and recording
• Bird Sounds and Calls – using sounds for identification and sound recording
• The Rutland Ospreys; More advanced osprey watching and recording
• Bird feathers; Their features and their identification
• Tracks and traces; finding, recording, and deciding what they mean

 Reserve Expert Days 2020

May Half Term

  Reserve Expert – First Flight 
• Primary age children, in Year 5 or 6; Tuesday 26th May 2020

• Secondary age children, Years 7 – 11; Wednesday 27th May 2020

Reserve Expert – High Flyers
• Children Years in Year 6 – 11 (10-16 years old); Thursday 28th May 2020

Summer Holiday

Reserve Expert – First Flight
• Primary aged children, in Year 5 or 6; Tuesday 28th July 2020

• Secondary children, in Years 7 – 11;  Wednesday 29th July 2020

Reserve Expert – High Flyers
• Children Years in Year 6 – 11 (10-16 years old) ; Thursday 30th July 2020

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Contact Ken Davies (Education Officer)