Return to the nest

It’s been another exciting couple of days at Manton Bay (although no chicks yet, before you get your hopes up!). Yesterday John Wright was observing one of our off-site nests when he noticed an intruding male he didn’t recognise – he was able to get a photo of it’s leg ring and it turned out to be S1, one of Maya and 33’s chicks from 2015! John let us know that S1 was likely to pay a visit to Manton Bay, the nest he fledged from, and sure enough later in the afternoon he did!
We caught 2 videos of his visit at 2.30pm – one where he flashes by, and the other where you see his shadow as he passes low over the nest.

We were able to get a much closer look on the video from 4.30pm, where he comes into better view.



It is brilliant to have another 2015 bird back, particularly as this is an osprey we have all seen grow from a hatchling! Visitor Eric Nye was in Shallow Water hide at the time of S1’s visit and managed to get some great photos, including this one of S1 perched near the nest. Thank you Eric!



Meanwhile Maya and 33 are continuing to be quite restless, chasing off whichever birds dare to come within the vicinity of the nest! Here Maya is chasing some geese away earlier today.

Whilst there has been no sign of a chick yet, we are keen not to miss anything, so will be leaving the nest cam zoomed in overnight ready for first light tomorrow. The wide angle camera will still be as usual, so we will still be able to see any fish, sticks and intruders which may come along! We will leave you for today with this photo of 33 looking cosy on the nest this morning, making the most of incubation before the real work begins!

7 responses to “Return to the nest”

  1. Suzie

    Welcome home S1 … don’t suppose you met up with your baby sister on the way back? Hopefully she’s not too far behind you!

  2. Linda Moore

    Fantastic news about S1!

  3. Ann

    Great news, Holly! Thanks for the photos and videos and thanks to Eric for the portrait of S1 sitting in the tree! I imagine everyone at Rutland Osprey Project went home smiling today.

  4. Mike Simmonds

    Thank you Holly, great news, a great Blog and thanks for the camera setting. You’re a star!

  5. Barry Cotello

    Good to see the 2015 youngsters returning safely

  6. Sioned

    Erics Pic of S1 is beautiful!-just saying hello to the old home!

  7. mary evans

    many, many congratulations on the return of S1 – not an ‘intruder’ after all!