Right before my eyes

Today was our busiest day of the season yet, with over 200 visitors pouring through the doors of the Lyndon Centre! However, only a few were lucky enough to see an Osprey. We have spent most of the day looking at an empty nest (again), with the occasional Egyptian Goose paying a visit. But those who were in Waderscrape hide at about 10:00 this morning got a brief glimpse of an Osprey flying through the Bay! We believe it was 28(10), but he did not come to the nest, just flew above the hide and disappeared out of sight.

This afternoon’s sighting was a lot more exciting! At about 16:30, our volunteers in Waderscrape called to say an Osprey was heading our way. So we raced to the windows, binoculars in hand, and sure enough there was an Osprey flying east in front of the Centre! One look at this bird told us who it was – 28(10)! His slightly damaged right wing makes for an easy identification, even at a distance.

To begin with, it looked as though 28 was just going to fly by. However, as he came closer we could see him looking intently down, demonstrating classic fishing behaviour. Then, before our eyes, he slowed his flight, folded back his wings and made a swirling, twisting dive towards the water! He pulled out of his dive before he hit the water, only a toe touched the surface, so he clearly didn’t get a good enough view of the fish. He flew back up and continued east, possibly towards the dam, which is a common place for Ospreys to fish.

How fantastic! It’s always wonderful to see an Osprey, but even more special when we’re not seeing them every day on the nest. Here’s hoping that we’ll have an Osprey, and hopefully a pair of them, on the Manton Bay nest very soon!

28's right wing helps us to identify him in flight

28’s right wing helps us to identify him in flight


2 responses to “Right before my eyes”

  1. Jane Allport

    Terrific shot. Thank you. If 28 can make it back safely, so can Maya . Hopes high.

  2. Suzie

    Oh Lordy! There’s an egg this morning … I’m growing attached to those Egyptian Geese … but I guess they are in for a rude awakening one day soon.