Right said Fred

It’s 2nd September, and both adult ospreys remain in Manton Bay! They are still very attached to the nest, and have been on and off it frequently all morning. 33 in particular has been very enthusiastic about preparing the nest for next year. You can see that it has already changed in appearance from a few weeks ago when the juveniles were still here. There are several new sticks, some soft nest material, and he’s even been scraping the nest cup out! That’s either incredibly efficient forward planning, or a backwards instinct that has made him think it’s spring…

Bum's up

Bum’s up




Ospreys are very strongly governed by their instincts, and nest building is an integral part of their lives in the summer. They continue to build up the nest throughout the season, and still feel the need to do so now at the very end of it, when there isn’t any need. In 2014, their first year together, in which they did not breed, Maya and 33 spent the entire summer building up the nest, for a breeding season that wasn’t going to happen. Instinctive nest building is sometimes seen when a nest fails, when birds often begin to build new nests, called frustration eyries, after they adandon the nest that failed.

It’s great that Maya and 33 are still here to entertain visitors. We all know by now that we can’t predict with any certainty the behaviour of any animal, especially this pair of ospreys! In 2014, they stayed in Manton Bay until 7th and 8th September. That year, Maya left before 33, and he followed on the day after. We all joked that he was so attached to the nest, having won it from 28, that he couldn’t bear to leave and would stay all winter! Alas, he left, as they will both do sometime soon.

We ain't leavin'

We ain’t leavin’



2 responses to “Right said Fred”

  1. Ann

    Thanks, Kayleigh, for this blog. Wonderful to see that Maya and 33 are still there (and that the cams are working again). These two Ospreys are characters and 33 has definitely wormed his way into our affections, despite his having kicked 28 off the nest in 2014. Fingers crossed that they have safe journeys and return to entertain us again next year.

  2. Jennifer Rhodes.

    Enjoyed watching all year,hope to see you next year ,safe journey to lovely West Africa