Ring me anytime

The first event of 2017 took place at Lyndon today. Working in partnership with the Rutland Water Ringing Group, the Osprey Project put on a special bird ringing demonstration, which included a cooked breakfast, freshly prepared in front of the Lyndon Centre!

Those lucky enough to be here had fantastic close-up encounters with 60 small birds, learned all about ringing and observed it in practice. To top it all off, there was the chance to hold these amazing creatures and release them.


Releasing a bird (K.Brookes)


Lloyd with a dunnock, ably assisted by Amelia and Michelle (K.Brookes)



The birds caught and ringed included bullfinch, blackcap, song thrush, blackbird, chiffchaff, dunnock, blue tit, great tit, robin, long-tailed tit, a juvenile blackbird and a goldcrest! Weighing just 5.4g, the goldcrest is the smallest and lightest British bird. What a handsome chap!


Goldcrest (K.Brookes)


Goldcrest (M.Househam)


Robin (M.Househam)


Dunnock (M.Househam)


Blackbird (M.Househam)



Thank you very much to Lloyd, Chris, Amelia, Michelle, Fran, Paul, Margaret and Jan for helping with this event, both with ringing and with breakfast. It was a superb morning, and we hope to put on another ringing demonstration here next year!

Find out more about the Ringing Group by clicking here!






The ospreys continue to delight the many visitors who visit the Lyndon reserve. Each day they are both present in the bay for the majority of the time, often taking trips to collect nest material. They still are and will continue to be extremely nest-proud!

33 with stick

One of 33’s stick deliveries yesterday was slightly awkward, and in order to get it where he wanted it, he walked right over Maya! She wasn’t bothered by this at all.

Soft, comfy hay was the order of the day yesterday, with Maya bringing in two large clumps. The middle of that nest is so nice and cozy!

Maya with hayMaya more hay

Both birds also seem to like dried cow pats, and this morning that seemed to be the nest material of choice, with Maya then 33 delivering a piece. Maya seemed to think that leaning against 33 was the best place for her bit!

33 with poo Poo placement

Last but not least, here is a lovely roach that 33 delivered at 16:57 yesterday!

Fish Fish Maya Maya takes fish