Ringing day!

Any early risers watching our webcam this morning will have noticed it went quiet at around 5.20 this morning – finally it was time for our chicks to get their leg rings! The conditions in Manton Bay were perfect, the water was wonderfully calm and it wasn’t too warm. Reserve Officer and trained bird ringer Lloyd Park quickly and safely retrieved the chicks from the nest and brought them down to the boat for ringing. We are happy to report that both chicks are very healthy and in great condition – as Kayleigh predicted we have a female, 2AN, and a male, 2AM.

Male 2AM and female 2AN

Male 2AM at the back and female 2AN in the foreground

As soon as we approached the nest Maya began circling overhead, and soon after we got to the nest 33 appeared too, carrying a freshly caught roach! He joined Maya in circling the nest, managing to keep hold of his roach the entire time.

View from the boat - Maya and 33 were overhead the whole time

View from the boat – Maya and 33 were overhead the entire time

The whole process was over with very quickly and it wasn’t long before Maya and 33 returned to the nest to rejoin their chicks. Along with our Manton Bay chicks, chicks from 2 other Rutland nests have received their leg rings today – the remaining 5 nests will be visited in the coming weeks.

These brilliant juvenile feathers help keep the chicks camouflaged in the nest

These brilliant juvenile feathers help keep the chicks camouflaged in the nest

2AN's incredible talons!

2AN’s incredible talons!

A brilliant morning with some truly unbelievable birds!

10 responses to “Ringing day!”

  1. Marilyn Braudrick

    Wonderful Ospreys!! So happy to see them!!

  2. Sheila Elliott

    Brilliant to see two such healthy looking juveniles! Which is the elder of the two? Male or female?

    1. Holly Hucknall

      Hi Sheila, female we think!

  3. Jennifer Rhodes.

    Hope they both have a safe journey to Africa when it’s time to leave.Its been wonderful to see them grow so quickly with all the fish that 33and Maya have been bringing for them

  4. Mike Simmonds

    Great news Holly. Thank you. Hope you got to be there?

    1. Holly Hucknall

      I did, it was brilliant, such a treat to see the chicks up close and the ringing team did a great job 🙂

  5. Cathy

    Wonderful – job well done!

  6. Angela Foxwood

    What an incredible experience it must have been to get so up-close with these fabulous birds. I am very jealous! Thank you, everyone at Rutland, for allowing us the privilege of watching your work and for the webcams which have given us the chance to follow a breath-taking story.

  7. Julie Mayne

    Thanks as always for our privileged peek into our ospreys world. Great healthy juveniles. Made it very special for us as we Sat through up through the night at Stonehenge & watched sunrise over the Stones … only a few mins before our chicks were ringed!

  8. Sue Redfern

    Brilliant,thank you for the info for and gorgeous pics