Ringing the Manton Bay chicks

How time flies. It seems only yesterday that we were crowding round the TV at Lyndon watching the first Manton Bay chick hatch. As we sat in the boat on Saturday morning ringing three very healthy chicks it was difficult to imagine where the past six weeks had gone!  

If you have visited Manton Bay you will know that getting up to the nest to ring the chicks isn’t easy. It involves a flat bottomed boat and a triple extending ladder. It is also important to have eaten several weetabix in the morning – meaneouvering the ladder out of the boat and up to the nest is tricky to say the least! Anyway, we managed it early on Saturday morning and I climbed up to the nest and lowered the chicks down into the boat to ring them.

All three of the chicks looked in fantastic condition – testament to the superb fishing skills of their father. We ringed each chick with a blue colour ring on its right leg – numbered 22, 32 and 52. The numbers are not consecutive this year because we are using up stocks of the blue colour rings that have been used throughout the UK over the past couple of years. All three chicks had relatively small bills and thin legs – suggesting that they are probably males. We will be sure over the coming days.

Measuring 52's wing

Manton Bay chicks in the boat having been ringed

We’ll have more news from the other nests later in the week.

4 responses to “Ringing the Manton Bay chicks”

  1. Melonie Pickering

    Wow……..how lucky to be that close to ospreys!

  2. Mandy Carnell

    Great news on the ringing of the Manton Three!!! Well done to all the osprey team on another fantastic year!! And WELL DONE to 5R (and Mrs of course!) – master fisherman!!

    I was lucky enough to go on one of the evening osprey cruises a few weeks ago and even luckier to see 5R himself hunting and swooping for fish – an amazing experience.

    Very much looking forward to a trip back to Manton when the youngsters are learning to fly – last year I remember watching them from the hide and we all held our breath as one by one they flapped and got about 3 or four feet into the air to shouts of ‘go on my son’!!! Can’t wait!!

    regards, Mandy

  3. Linda Thomson

    Hi Everyone, Just want to let you know that I think you are doing a phenominal job there, with such dedication its marvelous. I found your website when springwatch had finished and can`t tell you how much of a pleasure it has been to watch the Manton Bay chicks growing-up. We have a fair size garden at the back of our house and my favourite birds are the blackbirds but now that I`ve found the Ospreys they have competition. The information you have given us is great and very educational. Keep up the good work and well done to you.
    With many thanks to you all
    Kind Regards,
    Linda Thomson.

  4. John Cheney

    Well done to you and the team, it must be great to be so close to them, hope to get up and see them in person very soon, good luck with them and many thanks to you all for your work at Rutland.
    Regards John.