Rockin’ goose

Those of you who have already been watching the webcam may have noticed that the new camera has infra-red vision, meaning we can see the nest and its occupants clearly in the dark! This is great news for the insomniacs of the Osprey-following world. It also means you may have spotted the current occupant of the nest. No, it’s not an Osprey. It’s a goose!  

An Egyptian Goose napping on the Osprey nest

An Egyptian Goose napping on the Osprey nest


Yes, it would appear that I was wrong with regards to the potential uses of the ladders… they apparently do not deter Egyptian Geese at all. Well, not to worry, this cheeky goose will soon be given short shrift by the Ospreys when they return, so he/she had better not get complacent.

I’m looking forward to a new week at the Osprey Project! There are plenty more jobs to do at the work party tomorrow at Lyndon Nature Reserve, and several finishing touches to apply to the Lyndon Centre before we open our doors to the public next Saturday!



6 responses to “Rockin’ goose”

  1. scylla

    The Egytian goose gave us some colourful entertainment last season. I’m so glad that you’ve got the cam up ‘n running in time for Mrs5R-Maya’s return. Can’t wait! Thank you!

  2. Teresa Chadwick

    Aww..The “Rockin” goose looks like the King of the roost at the moment..He’s been keeping all us “night Owls” entertained while waiting the arrival of the big event. Keep up the good work at the centre your doing a great job:)xx

  3. Mike Simmonds

    We must also be on the lookout for Tim cleaning the lens with his feather duster with ‘phone on the nest receiving instructions from the Centre!

  4. Willie

    Sunday 15th March @ 10.45am

  5. Suzie

    Monday 16th March 5.05pm

  6. William Mirtle

    Sunday 15th March @ 10.45am