Roving reporter Wilby…

Our trip to West Africa earlier this year gave us the opportunity to get our West Africa education project underway. We visited three schools – Tanji, Kartong and Tendaba – where we spoke to the pupils about migration and the importance of conservation. We also gave the children at Tanji letters and football shirts from pupils at Whissendine and St Nicholas primary schools in Rutland. As part of the link between the schools, we asked the children to describe where they live and tell us about the Ospreys that live near them. Wilby is from Whissendine Primary School and here he is telling us all about the Rutland Ospreys. We think he’s a future Springwatch presenter in the making!

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One response to “Roving reporter Wilby…”

  1. Lynda Berry

    How wonderful! If Wilby is allowed to read ‘comments’ then please tell him that as an Osprey volunteer, I think his recording is absolutely wonderful and informative. It will be amazing for the schoolchildren in The Gambia to see his recording; to see Wilby travelling about in a car and visiting different places where we see Ospreys over here will be something that they have never seen – having visited Tanji School this year and last year, I doubt that many of those children will have been in a car. Wilby, well done, but don’t think that your job is over – you have to keep recording – just as we keep on living every day, those children in The Gambia do too, and more importantly so do the Ospreys – we share them and that will bind us all together – when we say ‘Goodbye’ to the Ospreys in September, then it’s over to you children in The Gambia to watch over the Ospreys and when you say ‘Goodbye’ to them in March, then we will take over and TRY to keep them safe when they come back here. Thank you Wilby for such a good report.