Safe landing

As our Satellite tracking pages are in the process of being updated, I thought I would drop by and say that we have our three musketeers all safely back in Rutland! 4K FINALLY came back last week after dragging his heels initially, S1 and 30 are more proactive about the breeding season and returned a while before. 

It truly is a remarkable journey, regardless of how long it may take them. With any luck we could see 4K and S1 breed successfully this year and push our chick totals up towards the 200 mark over the next couple of years. We think Maya might be the strongest contender for hatching the 150th chick at Rutland water, as she was the first to lay and is currently on 4 eggs!

We’re waiting patiently for all our birds to return, we’re only a couple away now, and the season is set to be a roaring success… watch this space!