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We only have five osprey cruises left this season! They have been extremely well attended this year, by guests and ospreys! One recent cruise in particular sticks in my mind, the one where the evening sun was slowly descending, casting a yellow glow across the surface of the water. The Rutland Belle idled, waves gently lapping her hull, as we drifted next to a shallow inlet near the sailing club, where 33(11) was fishing!

We knew it was him as our monitoring volunteers rang to say he’d left Manton Bay, just as we saw an osprey fly past from that direction. We followed him as he scoured the shoreline, then he found this little bay and began soaring above it, flying in ever decreasing circles (apologies BBC1) whilst looking down. He would stop and hover then move on, and hover again. Then all of a sudden he folded back his long wings and swooped, plummeting towards the water in a swift dive! He plunged feet first into the still water of the bay, but came up with nothing, so he set about trying again. The sun glinted off his creamy underwings as he twisted and turned acrobatically in the air.

In the end, he wasn’t successful and flew off back to the bay, but what an amazing view we’d had of him!

IMG_0005---Photo 10 - Male-33

The remaining dates for cruises this season are:

Wednesday 3rd August (afternoon)

Sunday 7th August (dawn)

Wednesday 10th August (afternoon)

Saturday 13th August (evening)

Saturday 27th August (afternoon)


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  1. Jenny Still

    Fabulous. I hope the dawn cruise on Sunday is as good. I was in Grebe hide yesterday at Egleton and saw 2 ospreys the other side of the line of shrubs. One came in and caught a fish – couldn’t get the tag number but it flew off in the direction of Manton Bay so assume it was 33. Great.