Sailing away with you

What a brilliant Osprey Cruise we have just had! It was a beautiful evening to be out on the water. The weather was absolutely perfect – the sun was shining, the wind was merely a whisper, and, contrary to the title of my earlier blog, it wasn’t cold! Here is a lovely photograph of Normanton Church, taken on tonight’s cruise by Paul Stammers.


Normanton Church, photo by Paul Stammers


We saw several Ospreys tonight, mostly in the South Arm, where we headed first. The South Arm has been the best place to see Ospreys recently, and tonight that held true again. We spotted one ahead of us as we sailed west along the reservoir. The Osprey was soaring above the poplar trees right at the edge of the sailing limit. We watched as he circled, hovered, circled again, then unfortunately he moved on, away from us. All was not lost, as we soon spotted another Osprey, who gave us a very close fly-by of the boat!


Later on, just as we were nearing home, as the light was fading and the evening was nearing an end, we had a superb view of yet another Osprey! The light was just right, giving us a perfect view of the colouring of the bird’s beautifully patterned white and brown speckled underwings.

Sunset over Rutland Water, photo by Matt Broadhead

Sunset over Rutland Water, photo by Matt Broadhead


We may not have seen an Osprey fish, but we had some fabulous views of Ospreys flying, and it was with smiling faces that we disembarked the Rutland Belle. Here’s to another superb cruise! As we are nearing the end the end of the season, the Osprey Cruises will also draw to a close at the end of August. There are five cruises left that still have availability, click here to see them all!

On another note, I am very happy to tell you that the wide angle camera view is back! I checked it today, just on the off-chance the muck had miraculously cleared itself off, and it turns out miracles do happen! Look at that view!

Juvs on nestAll three chicks



2 responses to “Sailing away with you”

  1. Karen Elizabeth

    I had a fabulous time. My sixth cruise and they are always a delight. Thank you so much ?

  2. Sheila FE

    What beautiful photos.