Sailing to the end of the season

Yesterday evening, the Osprey team and the Rutland Belle crew hosted the last Osprey Cruise of 2014. It was another very successful cruise, with three Ospreys being seen attempting to fish, and several very close views of them flying by the boat! We did not witness a fish being caught, but numerous dives were made before the Ospreys moved on, out of our view. One of the Ospreys was seen as we were heading back into the harbour at the end of the cruise, and he was still intently focused on fishing as we disembarked. A great way to end a successful season of cruises! All of these cruises have been incredibly popular, and justifiably so. We hope there is the same level of interest next season! Keep an eye on our website for more details about next year’s Osprey and Wildlife Cruises.

It may have been the final cruise, but the season is not quite over yet. There is still a big event to come in September – our first Osprey Ball! This exciting event is a chance for Osprey lovers and supporters of the Project to get together and have a grand old time in a sophisticated setting. Tickets are still available, click here to book yours!

The Manton Bay Osprey pair are still with us today. This morning, Maya was seen on the nest food begging at around 08:30, and 33(11) flew in at 09:00 not with a fish, but with a bit of nest material. Suffice to say, Maya was not impressed. A little while later, both Ospreys took off after an intruder. They still need to defend that nest, then! They have put on a good show in the Bay today, with 33(11) impressing visitors by catching a fish right in front of the hide! The jury is still out on when these Ospreys will leave us this year. Only time will tell. But it may not be long, so if you haven’t seen our Osprey pair this season, you’d better hurry to the Lyndon Visitor Centre and visit Manton Bay, before it’s too late!

There was also some great action in front of the Centre today, as a Stoat chased and killed a Rat, whilst another Rat watched in fear from a precarious position atop the feeder tree. Then a Sparrowhawk flew through and grabbed a young Greenfinch, which may or may not have been the one whose life we saved after it crashed into the window earlier… Also, we had a close encounter with an Elephant Hawk-moth caterpillar which just happened to be on the path outside the Centre – quite an amazing creature!

The Lyndon Visitor Centre is scheduled to remain open until 14th September, and then we close for the winter months, re-opening in March 2015. The Anglian Water Birdwatching Centre at Egleton will remain open throughout the winter.

Maya is not happy that 33(11) came back fishless

Maya was not happy that 33(11) came back fishless

Maya this afternoon

Maya this afternoon