Schools are back!

Rutland Ospreys Education Newsletter                                                        April 2017

The 2017 Osprey season has begun! This latest newsletter outlines how schools and school children can be a part of this exciting osprey project.


Latest Lyndon news …. Four eggs at Manton Bay nest

Maya and 33 have returned to their nest at Manton Bay. The pair are now incubating FOUR eggs, very unusual, and we expect the eggs to hatch in mid-May.

Check out the Manton Bay live webcam here!


20 ospreys have now returned with 7 pairs nesting in the Rutland Water area. Keep up with the latest on the website.

Osprey 30 with its satellite tracker is back!  Her latest migration route is now shown on the website.



Osprey Ambassadors – Osprey Club

”Osprey Ambassadors” have just had their first monthly ”Osprey Club” at Lyndon. Ambassadors will take the latest osprey news and a presentation back into their schools. If your school wishes to choose two or three Osprey Ambassadors who could be our link with your school, take a look at the information on the Rutland Ospreys website for more information by clicking here!

Contact Ken for help with your Ambassadors by e-mail at

Summer Term – Movie competition 2017 – “Ospreys and Us”

This year individuals or groups of children are invited to make a short movie inspired by ospreys.

We will have separate primary and secondary school movie award categories. Movies must be sent to us by Friday 26th May 2017, and the winners will be invited to a movie premiere, Ozzie’s “Ozcar” Awards on Wednesday 5th July held at Rutland Water!

For more information about making and submitting your movie look in the Education section of the website and look for the “Ospreys and us”– movie page.

There are also some teaching notes about how to make your movie in both the primary and secondary teacher’s resources area of the website. Click here to view.


Get your school involved … inspire your children!

Free school educational resources

Schools can register and use our FREE primary and secondary teaching resources including worksheets (with teacher’s notes), lesson plans, and project ideas covering a wide range of national curriculum subjects. Click here for more information.


School Visits to the Lyndon Centre2


If you would like to visit the Lyndon reserve with an educational group, take a look at what the Rutland Osprey Education Team can offer by clicking here!


Contact Ken for advice or to make a school visit booking.



We can visit local schools3


The Education Team can also visit local schools and other organisations to give assemblies, presentations and run a choice of classroom activities. All the team are experienced teachers.

More information about school visits is on our website at by clicking here.

Contact Ken for advice or to make a booking.





Ambassadors WOW Warm-Up

School Osprey Ambassadors   took part in an event held at the Volunteer Training Centre, Egleton Reserve to mark  the start of World Osprey Week 2017 (WOW).

They got the latest Rutland osprey news and were awarded their Ambassador badges!

 4 5

2017 World Osprey Week … WOW !   6

The 2017 event was a great success and the Education Team visited schools, hosted school visits to Lyndon and did a radio programme and an international Skype linking children in Rutland Spain, Africa and Italy!

The team were involved with 1300 children this year!

International Skype presentation by English Martyrs School Oakham.