Scrapping for food!

The food begging from all four fledglings continues, when 33 brings in fish, there are tussles between the youngsters. Yesterday 056 and 057 were scrapping over a large trout.

Early evening, another trout was brought in and 054, 055, 056 and 057 were determined to take the catch – it was 055 who succeeded!

At lunchtime today 33 yet again delivered to 055 and 057.

Maya dropped onto the nest as 057 was feasting.

All four fledgings and their parents are still here in Manton Bay.

One response to “Scrapping for food!”

  1. Lynda Smith

    When do you think the ospreys will leave Manton? If the parents are still feeding them will they stay until they can catch the fish themselves?