Second egg same as the first

The second egg for the Manton Bay pair was laid today! It can be hard to spot the eggs as 33 keeps bringing clumps of hay that obstruct the view. However, we were sure we could see two in there just after midday, as 33 was settling down to incubate.

I ran back through the recordings in an attempt to work out when laying actually occurred. We’re pretty sure that it happened at 11:11 – as you can see in the video below, about 15 seconds in Maya seems to shift position and looks slightly uncomfortable. She didn’t get up straight away, and when she did, 33 was in the way! The above video of 33 with the eggs was the first clear view we had of them afterwards!

The weather has been great, sunny with a slight breeze, and the pair have been happily swapping over incubation of their clutch. 33 has also been bringing in plenty of soft hay to line the nest with!

He also brought in a great big stick at one point this morning, and when he landed I couldn’t help but gasp as it hit Maya right in the neck and pinned her momentarily to the nest! She didn’t seem all that bothered and was absolutely fine. She turned round to help 33 get the stick off her, then she decided it was his turn and flew off the nest.

Here’s a close up of 33 settling down to incubate.

And here’s a middle of the night clip! It is written that usually the female is the one who sits throughout the night, but it’s not the case on this nest with 33! Last night they swapped over at least four times during the night.

After waiting all day for 33 to catch a fish, Maya must have been delighted when he turned up just before 5pm with this huge gift! We believe it to be a bream. She grabbed it and flew off the nest with it, whilst 33 settled down in his favourite place – on the eggs!

Bream Incoming Maya flies off with fish

A few more screenshots from today!

Happy families


33 coming in

Can just see two eggs



6 responses to “Second egg same as the first”

  1. Lin

    More wonderful news – eggactly what we all want to hear (soz). Thank you Kayleigh and may i pick your brains/knowledge – is it unknown for ospreys to hatch more than 3 eggs please? xx

    1. Holly Hucknall

      Hi Lin,
      It does happen but it is very rare – last year at Kielder one nest had 4 eggs successfully hatch. There were also 4 eggs at the Loch of the Lowes nest in 2013 but unfortunately only 1 hatched after an extended gap in incubation. Four eggs have never been seen at Manton Bay though… yet!

  2. Margaret Morgan

    How long before the eggs can be expected to hatch?

    1. Holly Hucknall

      Hi Margaret,
      They usually take 5-6 weeks so we will be expecting them around mid-May

  3. Michael Tennant Grundy

    Thanks for that lovely sequence at the nest today.
    I think 33 could give a few human males a lesson in sharing marital duties !

  4. David

    More excellent clips. Thank you.