Second verse, same as the first

Now that the ospreys are sitting on eggs, each day seems a lot like the one before. This is to be expected, of course, and is exactly what we want. A nice, peaceful incubation period helps to ensure a healthy brood! Maya and 33 regularly swap incubation duties, each change-over usually only taking around a minute. The bird incubating gets up frequently to turn the eggs, making sure the warmth is evenly distributed. The bird not incubating tends to relax on a nearby perch, but will sometimes sit on the nest, particularly 33 who always wants to be there!

TogetherTop and tailing

33 continues to bring in at least one fish per day for himself and Maya, depending on the size of the fish. He likes to go fishing early in the morning, around 7-8am, leaving him free to incubate as much as he likes throughout the day! He will always, at this stage, eat the head of the fish himself, bringing the rest to Maya.

Here are a few videos of the ospreys taking good care of those precious eggs. They always make sure they tread gently around them, and no longer leave them uncovered for any length of time. I love the shuffle they do when they’re settling onto the eggs!

We hope the rest of the incubation period goes just as quietly and smoothly!




One response to “Second verse, same as the first”

  1. Bill Hunt

    Welcome back Kayleigh, I’ve missed your blogs! As always, yours are full of detail and enthusiasm. It’s a bit sad to not have news of 03(97). He has been such a big part of the Rutland project. But what a legacy he’s provided for us all. Not least his grandson 33, who has become a real blessing to us all with his excellent parenting prowess!