Secondary School Lesson Plans

There is clearly a large breadth of subjects covered in a secondary school curriculum. However there should be enough diversity of osprey related materials for every teacher to join in WOW with their pupils.

The following list includes topics for which there are teacher notes, lesson plans or worksheets which can be used.

  1. 2018 Competition “Inspired By Ospreys”..
    Drawing Poem or Short Story competition with under 11 and over 12 years

  2. Osprey Verse.
    Ideas for Secondary English teachers

  3. Writing Styles.
    A scientist and a novelist describe ospreys

  4. Ospreys in the News.
    Writing a news story- Secondary English

  5. Osprey Behaviour.
    How to study Osprey Behaviour – Secondary School Science

  6. Amazing Migration.
    The Amazing Migration of Osprey 30(05) – Secondary English

  7. Amazing Migration Statistics.
    The Amazing Migration of Osprey 30(05) – Secondary Science and Maths

  8. Favourite Osprey Videos.
    A collection of Osprey videos referenced from Teachers notes

  9. Osprey Nest Data Handling
    An activity, worksheet & teaching notes for use in maths or science.

  10. Make an Osprey Key Ring or Bag Charm
    A pattern and instructions for textiles.

  11. Space Age Ospreys
    Information sheet related to science/physics.

  12. Designed to be an Osprey
    Worksheet and teachers notes for science/biology.

  13. Osprey egg Incubation Investigation.
    Activity, worksheet and teachers notes for a science “cooling” experiment.

  14. An Osprey Metaphor
    Lesson idea for English.

  15. Osprey Art
    Lesson ideas for art teachers. To be used in conjunction with a gallery of pictures by artist and photographer John Wright.

  16. A Conservation Based Business Case Study
    A case study for use in business studies.

  17. Osprey Education in Language lessons
    Ideas for use by teachers of modern European languages.

  18. Birds – Patterns and Trends
    Worksheet, lesson plan and teachers notes for use in maths or science. (Graphs and data handling)

  19. Should we re-introduce Ospreys?
    A fictional case study and teachers notes for use in English or IT or citizenship or geography or science. Many dimensions including a role play activity.

  20. Osprey Geography
    8 Geography based activites.

  21. Historical Ospreys
    Lesson ideas for use in history.

  22. Not All Scientists….
    A role model sheet for use in careers lessons.

  23. Puzzles, Games and Word Search.
    For use as starters in a variety of lessons.

  24. Assemble an Osprey – Dice Game.
    A fun activity for both younger and older students.

  25. Inheritance – Male or Female?
    All about how sex is determined in ospreys and humans.

  26. Osprey Fishing Game.
    A “battleships” style osprey game for 2 players.

  27. Osprey Family Trees
    Investigate and answer questions about a real Osprey family tree.

  28. A Fishy Puzzle.
    A quick puzzle to find out an osprey’s favourite fish.

  29. Survival of the Fittest Osprey.
    A real life case study of two ospreys competing for a mate.

  30. Survival of the Fittest Osprey Gane.
    A “bingo” style game to be played by the whole class.

  31. Musical Ospreys.
    Encourage your pupils to write a tune about ospreys and make a video to go with it.

  32. Interactions.
    Investigating how different species co-exist at Rutland Water.

  33. Osprey Fishing Data.
    Maths and science activity using Osprey fishing and feeding data.

  34. Multicultural Ospreys.
    Could be used for History, Social Science, General Studies or Religious Studies

  35. Osprey Food.
    Ideas for Food science and food technology classes.

  36. Rutland Water Food Web.
    Food webs, chains and pyramids for (science) KS4.

  37. Rutland Water Food Chains.
    Food chains for (science) KS3.

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  1. Lisa

    Hi. I am not actually from a school. I am the chairperson of the Osprey Baling Twine Committee that is part of Yellowstone Valley Audubon Society in Billings, Montana, USA. We have recently started a booth (for farmer’s markets, fairs, rodeos, etc.) to educate the public on the dangers that baling twine poses to Osprey. I can’t wait to use some of your Osprey activities for kids! I love your website.

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