Sedentary in Senegal

As we are now coming to expect, 30 has remained very settled on the Senegal coast over the past ten days. Her latest batch of data shows that aside from one or two fishing trips out to sea each day, she has spent the majority of her time either perched on the beach or just inland on her favourite perches. It is fascinating to see just how little she needs to move each day; and she will probably remain equally sedentary until she departs north in March.

30's movements over the past ten days

30’s movements over the past ten days

As an established adult, 30’s behaviour contrasts greatly with juvenile birds, who wander widely when they first arrive in Africa. To see what I mean, check out the website of the Urdaibai Bird Centre where you can follow the progress of four Ospreys that were translocated from Scotland to the Basque Country earlier this year. The four birds are all in Africa, searching for a winter home. To see more, check out the website here.

One response to “Sedentary in Senegal”

  1. Colin

    Interesting. Osprey are very efficient birds/hunters apparently.

    Can you add a scale to the picture? Hard to tell if she is going 100 feet, 100 meters, or 100 miles offshore to fish!