Settled in the Bay

If you’ve been watching the webcam over the past couple of days you’ll know that 33(11) and Maya are looking very settled at the Manton Bay nest.

It is amazing just how much the nest has changed this week. When Maya landed for the nest for the first time on Monday afternoon, it looked stark and bare…

…but after five days of nest-building by 33, it now looks as good as any Osprey nest I’ve seen…

Today the birds have been doing their best to shelter from a strong westerly wind. It might make life a little uncomfortable for the Ospreys, but it provides us with a superb view of them on the wide-angle camera as they face into the wind.

There have been fewer intrusions at the nest over the past few days, but that looks set to change with the imminent arrival of another new Osprey. On Thursday 51(11) was photographed by Roger Skillin at Eynesbury Marina near St Neots, just over 30 miles south of Rutland Water. 51 spent much of last summer on the artificial nest on Lagoon 4 and so we fully-expect to see him there sometime in the next few days. Many thanks to Roger for sending the photo.

51's blue ring is clearly visible in Roger Skillin's photo

51’s blue ring is clearly visible in Roger Skillin’s photo

Away from Rutland Water one of the satellite-tagged Ospreys that we followed as part of World Osprey Week has made it home. Blue XD arrived at his nest in Strathspey in northern Scotland at 4:15pm on Thursday afternoon. You can read more about his journey from Senegal on Roy Dennis’s website. The four Finnish birds are now also making good progress. All four birds have now crossed the Sahara and are heading north through Europe and the Middle East. Of particular note is Ilpo who has just completed a nigh-time flight across the Mediterranean from Algeria to Sardinia. To see the latest locations of Ilpo and all of the World Osprey Week birds, check out our interactive map.

5 responses to “Settled in the Bay”

  1. Sheila FE

    Blue 33(11) clearly honed his nest building skills last year, and is putting it to good use this year! It is wonderful to know they are making their way home, despite the difficult weather conditions en route. Is it only Green 5N(04) who is waiting for her mate?
    What a lovely photo of Blue 51(11), well done Roger Skillin, it is so clear.

    1. Tim

      Hi Sheila, 01(09) returned on Wednesday so 5N(04) isn’t waiting any longer now.

  2. Lynette Foster

    Lovely videos and a super picture by Roger Skillin. Thanks for sharing

  3. Ann

    Thanks, Tim–Lovely nest and photos. Who are 51(11)’s parents?

    1. Tim

      Hi Ann, 51’s parents are 30(05) and 08(01).