Settling in

It’s been fantastic having an osprey back on the Manton Bay nest! Maya has spent more time on the nest itself today, whereas yesterday she spent a long time sitting on various perches instead. Today, she has brought in some small sticks and nest material, done a bit of nest scraping, and even attempted to move some of the larger sticks around the edge of the nest. Frustratingly for Maya, those sticks are held fast by some rather unnatural cable-ties put in by the team to keep the nest secure! She has also been seen bathing in the water, dragging her feet through it to clean them, and chasing some geese!

Nest material

Maya with nest material

Maya positioning a stick

Positioning a stick


Nest scraping

Bums up

Bottoms up!


At around 11:45, Maya caught an enormous trout and brought it back to the nest, where she spent about an hour eating it. Unfortunately for the fish, it was still alive for about 20 minutes!

Maya and her fish

Maya and her fish

When she’d had enough, Maya left the remains of the fish on the nest and disappeared off to the east. While she was gone, in a flash of brown and white feathers, another osprey landed on the nest and stole the fish! Unfortunately it was much too fast to capture, but we spotted a green ring on the bird’s right leg, so we know who the fish burglar was – 5N(04), another breeding female who also returned to the area recently.

We expect 33(11) to return within the next two weeks, but ospreys do tend to defy our expectations, as Maya has done this season! We can only watch and wait, and in the meantime we are getting spectacular views of our super breeding female, particularly from Waderscrape and Shallow Water hides!

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Wide view

Maya’s view



2 responses to “Settling in”

  1. Mike Simmonds

    Great start Kayleigh.

  2. Karen Robertson

    I’m So thrilled and Excited … Tears of Joy, Relief and Happiness
    Wisng ‘All’ of Rutland Water and Other Area’s Of the UK’s Osprey a Safe Journey Back After Wintering In Africa <3 <3 <3 They Are All So very Precious <3 <3 <3 xx