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33 caught a large roach yesterday evening, ate the head and delivered the rest to the nest at 18:54, which Maya gratefully grabbed and took off with.

Unlike last night’s fish, and the majority that 33 delivers, this morning’s fish was passed back and forth several times! Generally, if it’s a decent sized fish 33 will eat half, or the head, then deliver it to Maya and she will eat the rest. However, the ospreys share remarkably well, and several swaps have been seen in the past, when the ospreys are distracted or perhaps just not that hungry! The fish, another roach, was delivered to the nest at 04:47 this morning, which is very early, and the camera was still on its infra-red setting! Perhaps Maya didn’t notice the fish, or maybe it was just too early for breakfast, as she simply stood up and flew off, leaving 33 to confusedly abandon the fish and sit on the eggs.

Not long after, at 05:24, Maya returned to the nest with a nice big cow poo. After landing, she turned around and seemed to notice the fish for the first time, so she discarded the cow pat and grabbed the roach.

At 05:37 Maya returned to the nest with what remained of the fish, and 33 then took it away. He brought it back at 06:38 and they swapped over again!

33 taking the fish

33 returning again

Don’t worry, there were also some hay clumps and sticks again today!


Maya with a hay clump


33 with a stick