She’s there!

30(05) has made it to her wintering grounds! The data took its time in coming through, but we now have it and we know that she arrived at her Senegalese beach at 10:00 on 11th September!


30’s final leg


30 was motoring on 10th September, travelling 244 miles / 393 km, and bypassing the lake we thought she might stop at! She made it to the coast at 7pm that evening, and roosted there. The next morning she set off at 07:00 and travelled the final 26 miles / 43 km to her spot on the beach!



Here is a breakdown of her autumn migration 2016. It took her 13 days, and she covered a total of 2893 miles / 4659 km.

Date Miles Km
30th Aug 323 520
31st Aug 298 480
1st Sept 298 480
2nd Sept 247 398
3rd Sept 275 442
4th Sept 247 398
5th Sept 177 284
6th Sept 269 433
7th Sept 161 259
8th Sept 212 342
9th Sept 116 187
10th Sept 244 393
11th Sept 26 43
Total 2893 4659

Here is a picture of 30’s entire journey this autumn. Look how direct her route is! What an amazing migration – ospreys are truly awe-inspiring creatures!



Well done 30! We hope to see her on her beach sometime in January…




8 responses to “She’s there!”

  1. Suzie Russell

    Thank you Kayleigh … for all your wonderful posts throughout each summer … and well done 30, enjoy your winter holiday! My thoughts often stray to Maya and 33 … wherever they are … stay safe and come back to us next year you amazing, wonderful creatures!

  2. Roos Tamerus

    An amazing bird and so nice to be able to see her flight south.

  3. MaryGK

    Another wonderful migration from 30(05).

    Looking forward to the reports of your visit in January.

  4. Richard cross

    Thanks all for your hard work I am not she if you know how many people actually follow these birds so please keep us all posted

  5. Ann

    Hurray! Breathing a big sigh of relief! I expect all at ROP are doing the same. Thanks for your report, Kayleigh.

  6. Cilla catton

    Great news, hope the others join her safely soon. Nature truely is incredible.

  7. Annie Walker

    Incredible !! So glad to know she has made it back there again. The data on her journey and route is fascinating.

  8. Mike Grundy

    Many thanks for that very comprehensive post Kayleigh.
    I have been following the Rutland ospreys since the first re-location all those years ago . Truly amazing & thank you. Here’s hoping for a safe return of all the migrating birds.
    Roll on Spring 2017 !!